What Are the Key Shortcomings of Dedicated Server Hosting?


Dedicated web hosting is one of the most high recognized web hosting method which acknowledged by the web-users because of the benefits that they are offering above the rest of the web hosting method,dedicated server hosting plan such as they are allow for full customization, dedicated server resources and superb reliability being available to their web-masters. Despite all these, there are some limitations in dedicated server hosting which exist today –

a. Exorbitant cost – unlike shared server hosting where multiple users are sharing the resources from one single server, dedicated server hosting is the reverse of it where one individual or one company is using the server resources exclusively all by himself. In this case, the cost of the web hosting does not get to split between all the users on the server but to be bear by that single individual only, which cause the price of dedicated hosting plan to be significantly high!

b. Difficult for novices and those without some significant computer skill-set – Without being technologically savvy, the web-masters will find it difficult to maintain and sustain the dedicated hosting server for it has been written and designed by skillful specialized coding and programs.

c. Usually, it has often being found that dedicated hosting server plan is lack of standard and common scripts and other basic features which are often being included as part of the shared hosting server plan. This is because most of the dedicated hosting clients enjoy a more customized experience which they are free to download their own application or tools, as compared with shared hosting.

d. Dedicated server is well protected against any external threats and sabotages by installing tight control over the physical assess to this server. The dedicated hosting company is the one who protect and secure the server, where no third party is allowed into access the server rooms for any validation, maintenance nor repair.

e. Last but not least, Dedicated hosting server plan only allows for some specific types of content to be used. To name a few, contents such as IRC Bots, clients and Daemons, as well as adult content are prohibited on a dedicated server.

f. Web-masters on the dedicated hosting server will need to know and get the sufficient amount of space and bandwidth to enable your business continuing to grow. Although the resources on a dedicated server can be huge, it is always good to double confirm before you really sign up with the dedicated hosting plan.